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Renaissance Festival Fun October 14, 2009

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.

Well, we got to take the boys to the Renaissance Festival this year.  We went while their grandparents, John & Marilyn, were visiting from Georgia, back on September 19.  Marilyn was nice enough to send us some pictures that she took with her camera, so I’m about a month behind in posting about it.  Both Bill and I forgot our cameras!  While we’re never really sure what the kids think about all the outings we do with them, I think (hope??) they had a good time.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day for the Renaissance Festival, and it was crowded!

Flame Jugglers!

Flame Jugglers!

One of the first things we saw once we got into the Festival was a show by the Zucchini Brothers.  They’re a two-man act, and they juggle flaming batons while balancing on things, or toss around other flaming object interspersed with silly things (like a can of Spam).  They’re pretty entertaining to watch — and their show was crowded that day.  It was SRO!

Birds of Prey - Hawks and Falcons

Birds of Prey - Hawks and Falcons

This is another show we saw while we were at the Festival.  This man had trained hawks and falcons, and he was showing them off.  He kept giving the warning, “These are birds of prey.  They are opportunistic.  Parents, please keep your little children away from the birds.”  It amazed me how many parents were not doing too well heeding that warning!  Although, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised…

The birds themselves were very impressive.  We watched him use decoys for the birds to “catch,” and they really did attack them.  He also explained that the royalty hunted with falcons because the kill was cleaner, whereas the peasants could hunt with hawks because they tended to “claw” the meat and make a mess of it.

"Our Knight"

"Our Knight"

Of course, what is a Renaissance Fair without a jousting match?  We watched one, and here is a picture of our hero for the day.  He died a terrible death… but he fought bravely!  Nash was hilarious at the jousting match.  He did not understand that each section of the jousting arena got assigned a specific knight.  So when we were cheering, he wasn’t.  And when the other section was cheering on a different knight, he was the only one in our area cheering the “enemy” knight!  I thought it was pretty amusing.  At least he was cheering for something!

Drake sitting on a stump

Drake sitting on a stump

This is a picture of Drake sitting on a tree stump at the Ren Fest.  He was pretty funny.  He saw it, raced over, plopped down and grinned like there was no tomorrow!

The Lintons at the George George Fountain

The Lintons at the George George Fountain

This picture isn’t from the Renaissance Festival, as I’m sure you can tell.  It’s one that Marilyn took of the four of us the following day when we took the kids to the George George Park.  There’s a really neat water feature there, and we’re all sitting on a big rock.  Well, Bill’s standing, but the rest of us are sitting down!



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