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Anniversaries Galore October 29, 2009

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Well, this is the month for anniversaries in the family… My parents, brother, and I all have anniversaries this month.  My sister is joking that she’ll be forced to get married in October or be the outcast in the family.

Bill and I had a fairly low-key anniversary, our first.  He had never been to The Henry Ford or to Greenfield Village, so that’s what we decided to do for our anniversary.  We stayed at a local hotel in Romulus, and we got a package deal where we got tickets included in the room price to go to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village (we decided not to do the Rouge Factory Tour) since we could only choose two things.

Bill and Wienermobile

Here is Bill standing next to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

As you first enter The Henry Ford, you see the Oscar Mayer display and cafe.  Bill wasn’t too happy about being photographed next to the Wienermobile since he cannot eat Oscar Mayer hotdogs — they give him the shivers, and he says it’s got to be something weird they put in their hotdogs.  However…

Hot Dog!

Hot Dog!

Bill was game for being an Oscar Mayer wiener with all the fixings…. isn’t he cute?!  Love ya, honey!

The thing that actually started this whole plan was because Bill saw a billboard for the Lego exhibit.  While the exhibit wasn’t what he was expecting, I’m glad to report that he found the rest of the museum worth the visit.

DSCN2934 rotated

Bill and Lego Knight

DSCN2237 rotated

Danielle and Lego Knight

We also saw plenty of classic cars (both the traditional classics and the non-traditional).  It’d been so long since I’d been to the museum that I had forgotten some of it.  And they also added the entire airplane section since I’d been there, too.  It was under construction last time I was there – many years ago.

Bill was impressed with the trains at the museum though.  Here he is, sitting in the engine of a huge train.  It took three men to run – there was the driver, the assistant (fireman comes to mind, but I don’t think that’s the correct term), and the brakeman.  I cannot even imagine what it took to run these huge beasts!

DSCN2944 red eye removal

Bill in charge of the train??

This last picture is one of my favorites from the airplane section, although it’s not exactly an airplane.  It’s the Detroit News Autogiro, and the information at the museum stated that it was used to get ariel photographs for the Detroit News at various local events.


Is it an airplane? Is it a helicopter? No, it's the Autogiro!

We also went to go see Where the Wild Things Are at the IMAX.  While we weren’t sure what to expect, both of us were a little disappointed in the movie.  Now granted, the book itself is very short and does not have too much of a plot or storyline… but neither of us would be paying to see it again.  I liked the costumes though, and the technical aspects of the movie were nice, but he and I thought it was too much of a stretch for the movie as a whole.

From then, Bill was getting sick, so we cut our trip short (the vouchers we received are good for a year, so we’ll be back when the weather is nice to hit Greenfield Village – or we might go over Christmas and see the Christmas set up).  Bill’s spent the rest of the week home sick.  The doctor says it’s brohchitis and could be a touch of the flu.  Hopefully he’ll be back to normal next week!



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