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Erin’s Birthday November 4, 2009

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Here are some cute pictures from my best friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  Erin, the birthday girl, just turned two this year.  Since her birthday is so close to Halloween, they decided to combine it with a Halloween party.  We had lots of fun, and I think the girls enjoyed it, too.


Erin with candle (the witch is mommy!)

Erin has some issues, so she was not able to blow out the candle herself.  We all sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and then Cindy (the witch) blew out the candle for her.


Erin is enjoying a laundry basket filled with plastic balls - courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa Gawryk

Cindy’s parents Joe & Alice got Erin a huge container of plastic balls.  She loved sitting in them in the laundry basket!  The girl with all the barrettes in her hair is Emily, Cindy’s niece.


A really professional cake! Fondant and all!!

Chris’s cousin Kim brought this cake over for Erin’s birthday.  Her husband is taking some cake decorating classes, and this was his effort.  I think it came out very well!  And Erin, the lucky girl, had three cakes for her birthday!  This one, and two that Cindy made for her!


Caught, red-handed!

Erin’s sister, Morgan, is sniping candy corn off of one of the cakes!  And I caught her right in the act!




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