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Birthday Filled Month! November 22, 2009

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.
November is quite the birthday month!  Jack turned 4 on the 8th, Eric turned 31 and Bill turned 40 on the 10th, and Morgan turned 4 and Nash turned 10 on the 20th.  So we did a big cake for Eric and Bill to share, and small individual cakes for the kids.

Bill and his Birthday Cake

Eric & Andrea went out for dinner, so Bill wound up blowing out the candles by himself!  He was a happy camper though… the cake was his favorite — white cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Kids with Cake!

Well, it looks like we missed getting a photo with Morgan in it, but she’s sitting right next to her mom, Cindy (wearing the red shirt)… and you can see her cake with 4 candles in it.

Eric and Bill opening up presents

Eric and Bill are opening up their remote controlled helicopters.  They both have had a great time learning how to fly them — there is definitely a steep learning curve!  Bill has since become very proficient at controlling his… he can even get it to land in his hand.

The present frenzy...

This is Morgan and Nash opening a gift.  The little girl in purple is Lily, one of Nash’s friends, and she’s watching Eric put together his helicopter.  Nash got glitter Floam, and Morgan is opening a Disney Princess kit.

Jack opening a gift

Jack is opening up a gift that is sort of for both him and his sister, Emma.  It is a double-sided easel from my parents.  He and Emma both used one at a local bookstore, and Jack was on one side, Emma was on the other.  It kept them pretty busy!

Aren't Friends Great?

Here are Jack and Morgan… they actually remembered each other from a month ago, which I thought was pretty good.  Now, they’d met before since Jack’s my nephew and Morgan is my best friend’s little girl… they are about two weeks apart in age. 

Rockin' Out

This is later, after the party is over.  Emma is the only one left up… and she is rocking out with the pretend guitar Bill and I got Nash for his birthday.  After the boys went to bed around 8:30 p.m., Emma decided it was her turn to play!  The guitar was almost too heavy for her.

Dino Dig

Nash got a really neat Smithsonian kit from Grandma & Grandpa Lueck for his birthday.  Here he is being a paleontologist, digging up dinosaur bones!  He had a blast.  We also opened up the weather station, although that still needs to be attached outside the house… and he’s anxiously awaiting the opportunity to build a volcano!  We are saving that for when the boys are with us over Christmas vacation because you actually build the volcano part, and it takes 24 hours to dry.



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