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Springtime Snow March 15, 2010

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.
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Well, it has finally started to warm up.  When we had the kids the first weekend in March, their grandparents from Georgia came up to visit.  It was an unusual weekend, as we had ten inches of snow the prior Monday, and it hadn’t melted by the weekend.

Grandpa John, Drake, Grandma Marilyn, Grandma Debbie building snowcastles

As you can see, most of the snow was gone… but the kids had fun building snowcastles on the driveway.  We also think it was good for the kids to see all their grandparents together.  It doesn’t happen very often because they live so far away.

Isn't Nash cute?

Nash built a snow tower.  It didn’t last too long in the sun though…

ALL the grandparents!

Here’s a shot you won’t see too often… All the grandparents together in one showing.  From left to right are John, Marilyn, Jim, Genny, and Debbie.  Nash and Drake, of course, are the two in the front.

Another group shot

Here’s another one, but Marilyn is the one taking the picture.  Bill and I jumped in for this one.  I’m sure you can figure out which ones we are!



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