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Stony Creek Metropark July 2, 2010

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Well, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated anything.  I will do my best to catch up… but for now I’m skipping a little bit ahead.  The boys and I went to Stony Creek Metropark, and we had a ton of fun the other day.  It was a gorgeous day outside, so I decided that it would be a good day to go explore some nature.  So we made the trek up to Stony, and we started out on the Osprey Loop.  It’s a 1.8 mile loop that’s pretty scenic.

Field near trailhead

This is just past the trailhead.  The trail itself is very peaceful, and it’s nice because you rarely see anyone else on it.  It’s a decent length, so you can share it and still get a sense of peace and tranquility.  It goes through a variety of wooded areas and open fields.  If you look closely, you’ll see a bee flitting around this beautiful orange wildflower.


Nash - the seeding grass is almost as tall as he is!

In some sections of the trail, the grasses were taller than both kids, and almost as tall as me.

Here you get a nice view of the marshy area of Stony Creek Upper Lake

Hacking Tower

This is the Osprey hacking tower on the Upper Lake.  It’s tucked back away from the trail.

Canopy of Trees

When the trail was in a wooded area, this was often the overhead view… beautiful, tall trees gently filtered the sunlight.

Lily pads galore

Here is a closer look at all the lily pads.


Not sure what this beautiful blue creature is… It almost looks like it has dragonfly wings, but they aren’t spread.  I’ve only seen them flying, where their wings are spread out and iridescent.  If anyone knows, please feel free to leave a comment about it.

Wild Raspberries - Yum!

Well, okay, maybe I can’t say “yum” since we didn’t actually pick them and eat them… but they sure looked like a tasty treat!


Okay, obviously this is Nash… But I think it’s one of the best pictures of him from today, so I’m including it. 

Giant-sized Dandelion?

We found this gigantic dandelion-esque plant by the side of the trail.  I’m not exactly sure what it is…. the puff part was probably about 4 times the size of a normal dandelion puff.

Into the Field

Here we are back into a field.  The blurry thing is actually a butterfly, I believe, that flew in front of the camera as I snapped the photo.  It’s pretty blurry!

Another wildflower

After finishing up with the Osprey hiking trail, we headed over to the Nature Center.  There were specimins of perch, goldfish, and some other little fish I don’t remember the names of.  And they also had the normal variety of other common Michigan animals (stuffed) such as deer, birds, etc.  There were a number of pelts for the kids to touch.  The beaver pelt was the softest, thickest one by far.

Coming up for air

There were a number of turtles at the Nature Center as well.  This one happens to be of a snapping turtle.  I managed to catch him as he was coming up for air.  They also had a large display for the Wood and Eastern Box turtles.

Blue Racer

This is one of the many snakes (and amphibians and lizards) that were also on display.  This particular snake is the Blue Racer, so named because he can slither up to 4 MPH – apparently that is fast for a snake!  He was extremely alert and active, and his sign also said that he is very curious about everything.  In this picture, he happened to be staring at Drake (those are his fingers).

Outside the Nature Center

This one was taken outside of the Nature Center.  The flowers made a nice backdrop for the boys, don’t you think?

Close-up of flowers in background

Nash at overlook near the Nature Center

I am really enjoying my new Nikon Coolpix S8000.  I took this picture of Nash and used the optical zoom on it.  He didn’t know I was taking a picture, so he’s got an honest-to-goodness smile on his face.  It’s a rare thing!  Isn’t he a cutie?

View from Overlook near Nature Center

This is one of the views from the overlook near the Nature Center.  The other side is mostly trees and brush.

At the deck of the overlook

There were people at the overlook at the same time as us, and one of the gentlemen offered to take a picture of the three of us.   Wish it was a little closer up, but beggars can’t be choosers!



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