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Armada Fair 2010 August 24, 2010

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.
This past Sunday, Bill, my parents, the kids, and I went to the Armada Fair. It was a really unusual day as far as the weather was concerned… Cool, cloudy, on the verge of raining… But it didn’t actually rain, which was a good thing!  It was a lot of fun (at least in my opinion), and a lot of the animals there were raised by kids involved in 4-H, something we tried to impress upon the kids.  I don’t think it worked.

Look at those eyelashes!

This is one of the dairy cows we saw at the fair.  I couldn’t help but take a picture.

Grandma trying to talk the kids into petting a sheep...

It didn’t work… but she sure tried to get the boys to pet the sheep.  They were very friendly.

Look at that tail!

This piggy was thirsty!  Look at the tail… Loved the way it curls, so I snapped a photo…

Shower time!

Time for a bath! There were two black horses getting hosed down.  They actually looked like they were enjoying it.

Drake feeding a goat.

Drake is actually feeding a goat at the petting zoo.  Nash did, too, but I didn’t get a picture of him actually doing it…. But there were witnesses!  Neither boy is too fond of animals, particularly big animals, but they both begged for us to get them animal food.  This year, they actually fed the animals! 

Water? Who needs it!

This llama was hilarious.  It had just pulled down the water-filled bucket on the other side of its pen, and now it was working on this one.  I wonder if it was bored?

Wood carving - eagles on one side, owls on the other

This was a really neat exhibit.  These guys were working with chainsaws and carving unbelievably beautiful works of art.  They won quite a few ribbons, too.  They had also carved out a squirrel, a huge eagle, a bench with a bunch of raccoons.  It was truly amazing.

Nash in a tire

Cute, right?  This is Nash leaning against a huge tractor wheel.

Goofing around

Just the boys

Here are Drake, Nash, and Bill.  They are inspecting this quite thoroughly!

Making wood shingles

This was pretty interesting, too…. These guys had this hooked up to a huge engine.  They were taking the bark off, and then turning out wooden shingles.

Three little ducks, Three little ducks...

Teacup flower arrangement

I really liked this flower arrangement in the teacup and saucer.  The colors were vibrant, and I like the way the colors stood out against the green glass.

Eating sno-cones

Okay, so this was the only part of the day that Nash remembered, probably because it’s the last thing we did before leaving.  Too bad both their tongues aren’t bright though!  The green one looked bright in the cone, but it sure didn’t do much to Nash’s tongue.


This sunflower patch was actually taken from the car window on the way home from the fair.  It was at an intersection with a stoplight (which happened to be red), so I lucked out and got a picture.



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