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Renaisssance Festival 2010 September 28, 2010

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.

This fall, Bill and I actually made it to the Renaissance Festival last Saturday, September 25!  We picked up his friend Tom, and headed out to the Ren Fest… with plans on meeting my friends Chris, Cindy, and their girls.  As it turned out, Chris stayed home with Erin because he wasn’t feeling well. 

Bill just past the entrance to the Renaissance Festival

It was chilly!  Bill didn’t want to take a jacket, but he was glad he had one after we got there… I think the high was supposed to be 58!

Playing with Fire!

A Balancing Act

Flaming Feet?

We caught part of the Zucchini Brothers show, and in this part they had an audience member putting the last flaming baton on the top of his boots.   It was pretty amusing since he apparently wasn’t sure how to get the baton on the guy’s boots!  He walked around and kept getting hollered at because he couldn’t figure it out.

Procession with the Queen, leading up to the Jousting Event

Bill, Tom, and I were standing in line waiting for the turkey drumsticks at the back of the festival when they started the procession to the jousting field.   It was nice to be somewhat distracted while waiting in line!  We also heard that all the horses they use for the jousting event are rescued horses that are re-trained.  I was not aware that the horses were rescues.  Learn something new every day!


Morgan had a ball on Bill’s shoulders… although his back wasn’t to happy about it later!

Maypole Dance

We stood and watched the Maypole dancers for a little bit.  Bill and Tom are in the lower right corner.

Sitting in the Sea Horse

Enjoying the Ride

Cindy, Morgan, and I went on the Seahorse ride at the Renaissance Festival.  Morgan had a ball!  She had so much fun… She kept saying she was scared, but when we asked if she was really scared, she said she was just pretending.  What a joker!

A Lady and the Jester

I am the Queen!

We found these funny cut-outs to take pictures in.  Cindy and Morgan did the double one (well, Morgan did a bunch of them!), and then Cindy offered to take my picture in this one.  Too funny, don’t you think?


We stopped to enjoy the music for a while… and then we could still hear them as we waited in line for food.  (Yes, we spent a lot of time waiting in line!)

The Joust

They do a jousting event a few times during the day.  Well, Cindy, Morgan and I got food in the back, just as the jousting event was beginning.  So we relaxed there on the bleachers and enjoyed the food and the entertainment.

Ta Da!

On the way out of the Renaissance Festival, right after we exited the wooded walk, there are a bunch of huge boulders.  Morgan climbed right up on one of them and threw her arms up in the air. 

We had a good day.  I actually went home with Cindy and Morgan.  Bill and Tom took off earlier in the day, since they were both sporting sore backs.  We had quite the adventure on the way home since I-75 was down to one lane going Southbound.  But we made it back in one piece!



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