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Yates Cider Mill October 2010 October 22, 2010

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.

Well, here’s to catching up on family-related stuff!  My brother and his family came out two weekends ago to help celebrate my cousin Ryan’s wedding.  Saturday, we went out to Yates Cider Mill with the kids and my sister Jessica and her boyfriend Mark.

Emma and Papa waving

We had absolutely gorgeous weather two weeks ago when we went to the cider mill.  The kids had a lot of fun, too. 

Look at that face!

I love this look on Jack’s face.  The kids are standing on a small bridge that goes over the water that runs the water wheel for the mill.  A lot of the kids were throwing coins into it, and Jack was waiting for his.

Pumpkins for Sale

Throwing Hay

This hay bale was near where they were selling pumpkins.  Jack and Emma had tons of fun throwing the hay into the air.


Julia was an angel while we were at the cider mill.  She’s such a sweetheart… no crying, and she loved the people-watching.

Feeding the goats

Andrea feeding a llama

Well, the kids weren’t too into feeding the animals.  I think they were a little scared.  So Daddy and Mommy mostly fed the goats and llamas.  Oh well, there’s always next year!


Mark took this picture… Papa and Jack are standing.  Then, from left to right are Jessica, me, Eric, Emma, and Andrea.  My mom stayed behind with Julia, who was obviously in the stroller.

Papa and Emma talking


Papa and Emma watching the leaves

Near the parking lot, across the street from Yates, there is a waterfall.  Emma loved it! She was enthralled watching the leaves go over the waterfall.  Each time she saw one go over, she would crack up laughing.  It was adorable.

We also did the requisite doughnuts and cider before we left… Mark and I had candy apples with peanuts, Jessica had apple crisp, and everyone else had doughnuts.  It was a great day, beautiful weather, and a packed cider mill!

Afterward, Chris, Cindy and their girls came over for dinner.  We were going to meet them up at the cider mill, but it didn’t work out with Erin’s nap that day.

Erin & Cindy

Erin was loving the lights… she is doing so much better now.  And she is thrilled to be in school, too.  Her birthday was yesterday; I can’t believe that she’s three this year!  Time sure flies…

Jack and Morgan

This picture is right after they got finished running around.  See how pink their cheeks are?  They had a ball playing together, which was nice.  Jack asked if she was going to come back the next day, but unfortunately with so much family coming over for Ryan and Jane’s reception we couldn’t work that out.  Hopefully they will see each other again next month when we celebrate all the November birthdays.



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