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Wildlife Take Over! November 1, 2010

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.
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The wildlife are alive and well in SE Michigan….

Yesterday, I caught some crazy squirrels running around in the backyard.

Jumping out of the hanging basket

The squirrel would run up the frame of the outdoor loveseat, then leap into the hanging basket, root around, jump down, and repeat.  It must have gone through this routine at least five or six times before it stopped!

Posing for a picture

Here is the same squirrel taking a quick break from running around until……

Black, scrappy squirrel

it sees this black squirrel.   Then, they both take off and chase each other around the yard.  I guess the black squirrel is the “winner” since he then came to take his turn posing on the deck post.  I have him captioned as the black, scrappy squirrel because it’s the squirrel that has been feasting on the coconut door mat at the front door all this Fall.  On his other cheek, he has a white spot.  Earlier in the Fall, he also had a full-sized tail!  Wonder what happened….

Deer in the lot next door

Deer in the lot next door

The deer photos I just took about 30 minutes ago, around 4:00 p.m. today.  We do not live in a “country” area…. we are in a well-populated area with lots of houses!



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