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Birthday Party February 26, 2011

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Well, it was that time again… and we celebrated Julia’s first birthday.  I can’t believe that she is already a year old!  She is walking like a champ, and she’s such a sweetie pie.  Bill and I drove out to Grand Rapids for the party.

Yes, we love Angry Birds!

Before the guests arrived, Bill, my parents, and I had some time with the family.  Bill brought his new toy, an iPod Touch.  The kids immediately asked if he had Angry Birds on it, which Uncle Nick has on his phone.  We did find that Emma loves the birds, but the pigs in helmets scare her and she runs away from them.  Pretty funny!  Jack, Emma, and Bill played Angry Birds for probably half an hour before they lost interest and wanted to do something else.

Grandpa and Julia

This was the biggest hit of the party, the Playmobil farm/house set Andrea’s mom and stepdad got for Julia.  She fell in love with the cow figure, and Emma decided that the rest of the gift must be hers.  “It’s mines!” was heard over and over…  Luckily, Julia is good at sharing her toys, right?

I'm the Birthday Girl, and this hat proves it!

Julia did quite well with the birthday hat, unlike both her sister and brother on their one year birthdays… She lasted with it on for quite a while.

Cake... what do I do with it again??

I'm not sure I like the frosting...

Julia did a remarkably clean job of dissecting her cake.  She even (eventually) managed to get some of it into her mouth!  But she was pretty funny to watch in the meantime.  The first time she touched the frosting, she didn’t like it.  She made a face like she was going to cry, and then she shook her hand vigorously until the frosting came off.

The winning toy of the day...

Here are all the kids playing with the Playmobil house.  My parents spent the night and they said Jack and Emma were so excited about the farm that they forgot to be “roosters” and wake them up the next morning.  It was a mixed blessing though… They missed getting woken up by the kids, but they relished the extra hour or so of sleep!



1. Sara Ament - February 26, 2011

Wow! She has grown so much! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Hope you are having a great weekend! Happy Creating! Sara

2. melspreciouspetals - February 27, 2011

Looks like Bill was having just as much fun as the kids lol. They are so handsome and so beautiful.

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