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Homemade Quilling Tool and Art Philosophy Flowers January 27, 2012

Posted by Danielle in Crafts.
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Well, I am pretty proud of myself for this one… I made my own quilling tool (although I am not going to use it for quilling, I made it to roll handmade flowers!  The idea is from Darla Haverstock, who runs the Art Philosophy Yahoo Group.  She posted in the group that her husband made her a quilling tool for her to use to teach classes.  He made his out of foam brush handles, and he used a sanding disk to open up the needle eye.

Here is my version of the tool with the flowers that I made using the Art Philosophy cartridge.  Since this is the first time I’ve rolled flowers with the tool (and I’ve only rolled flowers once before), I cut these with scrap cardstock.  They aren’t necessarily intended for any particular project.  The quilling tool was very simple to make.  I happened to have an extra piece of a dowel that I had already sanded down from another project.  This became the handle.  I hammered a large canvas needle (#16) into the end of the dowel.  Then, using medium grit sandpaper, I sanded away the top of the eye so that there was a slit to put paper into.  Voila!

I cut all the rolled flower patterns from the cartridge, but the one with the pointy petals just did not want to come up from the mat in one piece… so that one isn’t rolled.  I did the other five though.  The blue one in the upper right corner I actually liked better after I curled a bunch of the petals back.

Thanks, Darla, for helping me make my own tool!



1. Darla Haverstock - March 27, 2012

Great job!!!
Looks exactly like the ones hubby made me. 🙂
Thanks for sharing your success with it.

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