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Emma’s Four! May 16, 2012

Posted by Danielle in Family Stuff.

I can’t believe that my little niece is a whopping four years old this month!  We went to her birthday celebration last Friday.  She’s such a little doll… and she just LOVES the camera!

What a cool play set, right?  My brother got it for a song, although he and his father-in-law have done a lot of work on it to get it into good shape for the kids to play.  Glen also made the personalized sign that is on it, with all three kids’ names.  Very talented!  And it’s perfect because they all love to swing, and there is a swing for each one.

Here, the kids are eating a pre-dinner snack, on fairy plates of course!  We had a great grilled dinner… hotdogs for the kids, burgers for the adults… and a fresh fruit salad as well as a spinach salad with feta cheese.  Yum!  Anyhow, the point of this photo is to show Jack’s tooth missing.  He was very proud that he lost his first tooth, and it was the first thing he showed me as we walked in the door.

Okay, so this photo doesn’t have much to do with the birthday party itself; it was taken right before we started opening the birthday gifts… but look how flexible Emma is!!!  Future gymnast??

There’s the Birthday Girl with her cake — chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, of course.  She’s such a cutie pie… although she did decide to share her germs with all of us, since right after blowing out the candles, she sneezed all over the cake! LOL



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