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Spectrum Noir Update April 18, 2015

Posted by Danielle in Crafts.

I just wanted to update my original Spectrum Noir post since I just received some new information from Crafter’s Companion as well as the replacement markers for the ones that I was missing or were broken.


I updated my swatch chart to show the IG6, IG8, IG10 blending combination.  They blend together quite well, but I’m not sure how often I will use that particular combination because it is so dark.

The new information I received from CC’s Customer Service is that no, I should not attempt to glue the marker barrel on my own!  It is great to know that they will stand behind any of their markers that happen to be defective, at least at this time!  I requested two additional markers that are consistently coming apart at the barrel of the marker, so hopefully both will be replaced.  (At the time I originally wrote to CC, only one marker was coming apart at the barrel, but by the time I got the response, another one started to do the same thing.)  I am afraid of damaging the nibs or part of the marker that holds the ink if I keep jamming them back together.



1. Judy Garrelts - April 18, 2015

Very good for great customer service!
Thanks for sharing,

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